Photo : Matt Simpson

Photo : Matt Simpson

Moose farm studio

Moose Farm Studio is a space for you to create and record. We provide you with the minimum to leave you with more time and money to focus on your project. 

This 1980’s A-frame that has been transformed into an affordable recording facility located 45 minutes northwest of Edmonton, AB. We offer an unique opportunity for groups to record and live on site for the duration of their project.

The property is adjacent to a large wooded area that is home to local wildlife, including moose, that's why we call it Moose Farm Studio. 

Gear list : We have a modest collection of gear and will with work with each booking to source any additional equipment. 

  • Console : Yamaha DM1000 equipped with Dante interface card (With a digital licence and an ethernet cable you have 8channels at 96khz or 16channels at 48khz)

  • Headphone amp, extension cables and headphones.

  • Monitors : Yamaha YSM5. These aren't great, but will work. Most clients have brought their own monitors.

  • AKG C414 XLS B

  • ROYER R101

  • SM81

  • SM58

  • 2 EV N/D 267

  • EV 635A

  • Shure beta 52

  • 3 Shure SM57

  • 2 Shure beta 87c

  • 3 Senheiser e604 (tom clip mics)

  • 3 Shure SM58

  • 2 Audio Technica Pro 37 (pencil condenser)

  • 2 JTS NX

  • 3 Radial passive DI

  • 1 Radial active DI

  • Plus all mic stands and cabling needed.

*Gear listed in italics is subject to availability. Please confirm what you'll need for your booking in advance.

Recent projects

Katie & The Wildfire, High Tides, Garrett Olson, Ways in Waves, Lucas Chaisson & Post Script. 

Important info for your stay at Moose Farm Studios

Meet your hosts : Ray Cournoyer and Karen Erickson are your gracious hosts for the duration of your stay. They own the building that the studio is in as well as the house next door. They’re both busy with their lives so you might not see them too often, but if you do, don’t hesitate to sit down and chat with them. 

Kitchen / Accommodations: The kitchen and accommodations are in the the house next door. You’ll be sharing this space with Ray and Karen, so please be mindful of cleaning up after using the kitchen. There are 3 bedrooms (with beds) in the basement. If you have a larger group, you may also bring sleeping bags and use the various mattresses in the studio building. Please note that the Moose Farm Studio building is not well outfitted for hosting, so we strongly suggest you stay next door. 

Location / Directions : Out of respect to our host's privacy, the location isn't available to the public. Once your booking is complete you'll receive instructions to drive. As for travel time give yourself 50 minutes from downtown Edmonton. 

Get in touch about your next project

Paul Cournoyer / / 780-910-0963